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to fight in the battle. He assigned their work and distributed
presents and jewels siich as wristlets set ^ith gems, necklaces,
ear-rings, coronets, k >n&'Mvit*i8j rings, crests &c.5 and new and
rare* dresses among his eaprains, astapradkanas, dalavays aud
to Bisal .ppa ivayaka, Tiruvengala Xayaka, Kartika Nayaka,
Virappa Xayaka,f and others whom he had summoned to his
presence, and said, ""The Muhainmadan Padusahas are
advancing upon us ; taking with you the necessary material of
war. fight with them well." As soon as he gave them the
command, they shifted the camp from Raksasatangadi to the
banks of the Krsna.

The haraJcaras, codedars, and others^ who were in the
service of the four Mussalinan Padusaiias comnmnicated this
information to their employers. A1I§ the Padusahas" having
met together, summoned (to their presence) their (respective)
vazirs, umrat* captains, astvprndhanas, and dalavays and
distributed presents (among them), and said, " Now that the
Narapati Padusalia lies encamped outside Raksasiiiang-adi with
all his army, we must not lag behind any more.7' (Then) they
summoned the ^officers of the arsenals and comicf-i c;ed them
(to hand over to the army),

Big guns           ...                     ...           40,000^

Medium guns    ...                     M.             5,000

Small guns        ...                     ^.           60,000

Swivel guus      ...                     ...             5,000

Elephant Guns...                     »<          1,00,000

\\LekJil3              ...                     ...            12,000

Camel guns      ,..                     ...         5,56,000

in   the   original.   It   meani   'not marvellous,  -not strange1? bat
context requires a meaning quite opposed to it.
t 'BndalaNftik', TVeruovangal Nalk, Kartak Naik, Veerppa Naik'-rLO.M^ p. 196.
% JiO*Jf,9 p 196 * Haricarrahs and ?p.ies'. Co4edais wer« a class of servants
the mature of -whose duties is not known j the text has kah<tru sahatlru Saha s&havfigi
vhich is not quite intelligible.
§ The original has ' nnlkaru * -which means ' several *.
$ The original has ' JagatakJ&na'; it prooably means f arsenal'.
% Z O, M. has 4,000.
I tlie *»tnj« of this -weapon i* not clear.   /. a M p. 19? has * Rockets *